Daniel Food Diary Feature

“Wafu” is a Japanese style of western cuisine, while “Ken” is shortened from the word “Kenko”, which means wellness in Japanese.

There are 2 Wafuken outlets in the CBD – the first at Asia Square Tower 2, the other at Downtown Gallery.

Wafuken focuses on cooking ALL their proteins using the sous-vide method. I found that the process helped for certain food items such as chicken breasts in keeping them juicy and smooth, but may not be so for all types of meats.

When it comes to ordering, there are 2 steps – choose your proteins, then the sides.

The proteins include Chicken Breast ($4 for half, $6 for full), Dory ($8), Salmon ($10, $12 for salmon belly), Oyster Blade Steak ($7 for half, $12 for full), Hamburg Steak ($10) and Wagyu Rump ($20 for half, $30 for full).

The sides range from Steamed Vegetables, Furikake Japanese Brown Rice ($2.00) Sweet Potato Salad ($2.00), Chawanmushi ($2.00), Wafu Salad ($2.00), and Cold Soba ($2.00).

While this allows customisation, I thought that the portion could be on the pricier side when compared to other salad and grain places around. If you order say 2 proteins and 2 sides, it might have cost more than 20 bucks.

Recommended items to order include the tender Chicken Breast ($4, $6), Salmon which is sous vide then torched to finish for an aburi aroma, and Wagyu ($20, $30) rated BMS 5, sous vide for 12 hours, then given a flame grilled treatment.

I liked the inclusion of Chawanmushi, not often found elsewhere, but included protein in the form of steamed egg, and some wobbly smooth texture in the mix.

As I don’t see any other salad place at Downtown Gallery with the exception of a salad vending machine (maybe I missed out), my humble suggestion is to ‘beef up’ on raw greens – to have spinach, romaine, wild rocket. Possible?