Singapore Business Review Feature

Edmund Goh Chang Yang, 28, and Jake Pang Zhi Wen, 26, owners of Wafuken

Edmund and Jake have not much kitchen experience and zero business background but have overcome great obstacles and grown from strength to strength to successfully build a solid brand well known today in the health-food industry and fitness community in just one year. Wafuken, located Asia Square’s Food Garden, offers healthy Japanese-style rice bowls.

Edmund has a Diploma in Culinary Skills at Shatec and had a one year internship at The Shangri-La Hotel. Jake, on the other hand, graduated Bachelor in Information Technology from Monash University

After getting his Diploma, Edmund decided to do something different other than following the usual route of furthering his education or diving straight into his kitchen career. He worked as a flight steward for Singapore Airlines to travel and learn more about food and F&B concepts around the world. “Travelling gave me tons of ideas to create dishes inspired by my trips. That creativity has helped create the concept and dishes I now serve our customers,” he said.

Jake meanwhile is self-taught through books, videos and tons of experimenting. He shared that he used to be overweight but started to diet and exercise. He is now selling the same diet techniques to his customers.