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Delectably healthy food at Wafuken

Wafuken at Asia Square is one healthy eatery you want to keep in your to-go list. Meat and fish (proteins) are sous vide to ensure it is cooked evenly, and that it retains moisture, flavour and most importantly, nutrients.

This method of cooking is usually used in higher end gourmet restaurants but more chefs are beginning to learn the benefits of sous vide and choosing to use it in their kitchens. Yet it is still a rarity in food stalls located in foodcourts, which is why Wafuken is unique in their offerings.

Wafuken’s food also does not contain unhealthy fat or excessive sugar. They season and flavour their dishes with a combination of herbs, spices and quality ingredients. But the proof is always in the pudding and Wafuken does not disappoint.

Their signature Truffle Wagyu Don (S$24.90) is amazing and you will likely get hooked on it. The sous vide Wagyu steaked is so tender and flavourful. It is seasoned with truffle salt and topped with black winter truffle oil. It is perfect on its own but if you are into stronger flavours, you can choose the Garlic Soy or Yakiniku Tare sauce.

The Chicken Don (S$8.90) with their sous vide chicken breast seasoned with shiso salt, is deliciously healthy and the most affordable set on their menu.

If you are feeling a little fussy or maybe creative, you can also create your own meal with a choice of one protein and two vegetables/carbs. Prices vary depending on the choices you pick. A sous vide salmon with asparagus, soba salad, plus an add-on onsen egg will set you back about S$14.90.

You can check out their full menu online at www.wafuken.com