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What is Wafuken

WAFU - Japanese style of western cuisine
KEN - Kenko, which means wellness in Japanese

About Wafuken

Here at Wafuken, we pride ourselves on serving food that delivers the most exquisite pleasure to your taste buds and is healthy for your body. When it comes to delivering healthy meals, Singapore’s residents have counted on us time and again.

Our perfectly cooked meats are where we shine - we provide some of the silkiest salmon fillets, juiciest chicken breasts, and the most tantalizing steaks you can find anywhere. With our healthy dinner delivery, families can now focus on their health while getting delicious food at the same time.

We achieve this perfection through the Sous-vide (Su-vee) process of cooking all our proteins. While Sous-vide cooked food is mostly found only in exorbitant gourmet restaurants, at Wafuken, we offer it to everyone readily at an affordable pricing.



We’re conveniently located at Asia Square, allowing you to find healthy food in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD).

At Wafuken, you can be sure to enjoy a lunch in CBD, before or after a fantastic gym experience at one of the many gyms nearby. We’re here to make sure you get the best food in CBD.


Find us at Asia Square Tower 2, #02-05

12 Marina View, Singapore 018961


Our Food

every plate achieves our cuisine defining balance of umami flavours, luxurious textures and nutrition. 


Sous-vide (which is French for “under vacuum”) is a method of cooking food where ingredients are placed in heat-safe, vacuum-sealed packs and then submerged into a temperature-controlled water bath. The Sous-vide method allows us to consistently produce perfectly cooked proteins, which also retain the flavour, moisture and nutrients in the meat.



The food we serve does not contain unhealthy fat or excessive sugar. Instead, we utilize modern cooking techniques coupled with flavourful combinations of herbs, spices and quality ingredients in order to provide you with a healthy yet undeniably delicious experience.

Here at Wafuken, you can choose also customize your dining experience.

Customize your meal by selecting your protein, vegetables, carbohydrates and add-ons.

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Our Meats

Our meats are obtained from premium suppliers. We use only high quality non-frozen meats, which eliminates the need for artificial seasoning. Here at Wafuken, we let our meats do the talking.


We serve cuts of chicken breast so tender and moist that you might not even believe they are chicken breasts! 
Our chicken is brined, pan-seared and cooked sous-vide in our very special flavoured oil. So if you never liked chicken breast, be prepared to change your mind.

Norwegian Salmon

Salmon lovers out there will be pleased to know that the fillets of salmon we serve here fall apart gently with the effortless prod of the fork. 
Using only the freshest cuts of Norwegian salmon and modern cooking techniques, we achieve a texture as smooth and silky as any perfectly cooked fillet of salmon should be.

Lastly, we torch it for the Aburi finish and sprinkle konbu for umami.

Sirloin steak

Here at Wafuken, we use Cape Byron Angus sirloins from Byron Bay, Australia. Well-marbled, tender and juicy, all that is needed is to cook it to a perfect medium rare at 55C.

Kobe Cuisine BMS 8 Wagyu Rump

These are our signature cuts. Limited to only 30 pieces a day, the Kobe Cuisine Wagyu beef we use is grain fed for over 400 days and our rump cut is rated BMS 8. It is rich in flavour with amazing marbling. 

These cuts are Sous-vide cooked gently and slowly for 12 hours. The results? A steak so tender it melts in your mouth.

Seasoned with truffle salt for ultimate decadence and an experience you’ll never forget.


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12 Marina View,
Asia Square Tower 2,
#02-05 Singapore 018961

(Closed on weekends and Public Holidays)


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